Recommendations and Opinions About FYP’s Parties

It is a pleasure being involved in anything you are involved with. I appreciate your class, and your style is fresh and

I would recommend Jen Hasseler to anyone who is interested in hosting a pleasure party with party supplies wholesale. Jen did a great job presenting the product in a fun, professional, yet interesting way! She was very knowledgeable about her product and was very sensitive to the different age groups, comfort zones, and multiple questions that were asked. After the party, I received many emails from attendees who informed they had a great time and were really impressed by Jen and her professionalism, as well as her humor and good nature. Not one lady who attended the party felt out of place, uncomfortable, or shy to ask questions. I would recommend Jen Hasseler and FYP over and over.

The best word to describe a party with Jen is “FUN!” It seems my parties get bigger each time I have one. Jen is a fabulous demonstrator. She’s fun, knowledgeable, but most importantly, she puts even the most shy/uptight person at ease. I’ve invited both assuming and the most non-assuming type – and everyone has had a good time. Talk about laughter being the best medicine….if you need some, have a party with Jen!

I first went to one of Jen’s parties when I was invited to a friends party. I did not know what to expect, except that I was going to a toy party. I turned out that I had a incorrect image of what a “adult toy party” was. Sure, There are toys, lotions, vibrators, and things I wouldn’t have a clue how to use, but more so there are products that help with intimacy. Jen is such a very tasteful and fun product presenter that I just had to have a party myself. I had a party with her when I lived in the Twin Cities, and again when I moved “North”. One of the things that I like about Jen and FYP, is that she is fun, well knowledgeable about the product, and more times than I can count, stressed cleanliness and hygiene when using each product. From the guests at my parties some of the comments that I heard were: “what a fun sales person”; “I can’t believe how many times she mentioned how to clean…”; “Boy! that sales person was knowledgeable”; “I like how the order was taken in privacy and delivered in privacy”

I am glad that from one of my parties, she has signed up another representative in this area. Now, when I want to order something extra, I can order from her, when she has a show.

Jen has helped me by enlightening me with my intimacy with my husband!